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Large Club Leash (Blue)

Large Club Leash (Blue)

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This is the first walking item for medium to large dogs presented at Howlpot.
It's a product that I made with Howlpot Care Club (HCC) Academy. Not only design, but also stability / characteristics of large dog behavior / experiences of walking guardians, etc.


KEEP-LOCK parts are designed for safety and provide additional assistance in the event of buckle removal or breakage, helping to prevent accidental accidents.We have reflected on many important points regarding dogs, and we believe that the type or size of your dog should not matter. Start a safe and enjoyable walk with the Howlpot Large Club.



Polyester, POM, Metal

Size Chart

Length: 64.9"
Front Handle: 7"
Rear Handle: 6.7"

Weigh: 120g

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